Bought 2 of these and the best thing we have ever done!

The Future of A/C pipework! Tested a crimp fitting suitable for A/C pipework on soft drawn copper 1/2″ at 30 bar. Amazed at how quick it is compared to flare and brazed! Very impressed at just how easy and secure the crimp is.

Used ZoomLock on three sites now, initially sceptical (being old fashioned) but very impressive tool, all systems strength tested with no issues and definitely saved install time, without the usual wrangling of arranging hot works as well so very pleased with our investment and will be using ZoomLock a good deal more going forward.

This is the hassle free alternative to brazing. It’s clean, quick and reliable. Good job Greenmill, another great product from a great team

Great machine, saves us time not only on installation but on getting Hot Work Permits, no fire watch required, no waiting on pipes cooling down and no nitrogen purging required.

When I was working at a College, the learners loved using this bit of kit. Obviously they were taught all types of jointing. We always found that the best thing to do if you want to test a new bit of kit, is to give it to an apprentice. They will either break it, steal it or eat it. And they managed neither. They Loved the time races we had with zoomlock, brazing, Lokring, flares etc. And to be fair zoomlock was the easiest and fastest to set up and use. Very very good piece of kit.

We have been using ZoomLock for the last 6-8 months and have found it to be excellent. We are currently using the product on a project in Fenchurch Street replacing 8 x Stultz close control systems on a site in London where brazing / hot works is not easy due to building restraints. It’s a unique tool, simple to use as long as you follow the instructions. This is currently our 5th project using this product and we are very happy. We also had our reservations about using this and needed proof before we committed.

We have just finished the installation of 2 Daikin VRV IV heat recovery systems in an office in Berwick St Leonard. After going through at the design stage we decided to use Zoomlock because of the hot works aspect and I must say using the Zoomlock help us complete the job a lot quicker. It actually shaved a week off the job.

Hi Tod


I just thought you’d like to know we tested the ZoomLock last week on site. Accurate cooling services London (@dannywoodin) and air modification (@alanhutchinson) are working together on behalf of Coldplan installing some cold rooms.


Alan was not convinced how fast ZoomLock was. We set up 60meters of 1 & 1/8″ and 1/2″ pipe, pre-lagged it, and had a race to see who could join all pipes quickest.
Brazing took 31 minutes, and with ZoomLock it took 15 minutes! Pipe work still needs adjusting but I have attached a picture below (see main image). One on the right was ZoomLock.


This test was purely based on jointing up the pipework, the ZoomLock system meant that we didn’t have to get a hot works permit, there was no fire watch, no purging required, etc…

Nice video of one of our engineers using ZoomLock. Top product and highly recommended, we have used this on multiple sites and will continue to do so

Raymond Knox – “Great piece of kit, used it in a recent VRV installation with a pipe run of 60m with no leaks what so ever”


Tod Harvey – “Thanks for the feedback Raymond Knox, quite a prestigious project wasn’t it?


Raymond Knox – “Yeah Tod it allowed us to work for a major customer during working hours with no fuss or need for fire alarm isolation which wasn’t possible due to the other”

We have being using ZoomLock on petrochemical and nuclear sites with great results, just need to expand the fitting range which I believe is in hand.