Pick and choose your ZoomLock products:

One tool – three systems

ZoomLock offers a full press fit solution for any AC installer on any major AC system.


The ZoomLock system is compatible with Hybrid, Plumbing Copper Press Jaw and Barrier Pipe Press Jaw – One tool kit 3 press systems. With a single tool you can cut down on equipment and set yourself up to install multiple different systems; putting you at the forefront of the market as hybrid type systems start to gain ground.


No big upfront investment is required; simply buy the 1-3/8″ capacity ZoomLock tool and just add the items you need, as you need them.

Startup Kit

19kN ZoomLock Tool & Case Kit

Part Number: GMZLTOOL138-NB

Kit Includes:

19kN ZoomLock Crimping Tool (1 3/8`` capacity)

Tube Cutter

Deburring Tool

Crimp Gauge

Depth Gauge

Stainless Steel Brush

Abrasive Pad

Permanent Marker

Startup kit does not include Jaws, Batteries or Charger. These are available to purchase separately.

ZoomLock Jaws

ZoomLock Jaws

For Refrigeration Copper.

  • Patented Concentric Crimping Jaws
  • Applies perfectly even pressure all around the 0-ring and copper tube
  • Available in 1/4″ to 1 3/8″ jaws

Hybrid MLC Press Fit 19kN Jaw

For MLC Barrier Pipe.

  • Hybrid MLC press fit system
  • ZoomLock 19kN compatible
  • Available in 25mm jaw

Hybrid Copper Press Fit 19kN Jaw

For Plumbing Copper.

  • For Hybrid copper press system
  • ZoomLock 19kN compatible
  • Available in 15mm and 22mm jaw

Battery & Charger

ZoomLock Makita 18v Battery 1.5Ah

  • High performance 1.5Ah, 18v Li-Ion

ZoomLock Battery Charger

  • 240v battery charger for 18v Li-Ion batteries
  • Extremely fast charging time