ZoomLock System

Welcome to ZoomLock


In simple terms the ZoomLock systems enables Air Conditioning Pipework to be connected by a simple crimp. Simple but extremely robust!


ZoomLock is the only concentric crimp system which is specifically designed for high pressure air conditioning pipework. Its unique, patented concentric crimp technology combined with its unique, patented soft annealed copper fittings, ZoomLock is the ultimate jointing method for air conditioning installations.


ZoomLock is a game changer! Whether you are a Specifier, End User, Building Manager, Mechanical Consultant, Building Contractor, or Air Conditioning Contractor, ZoomLock has got significant benefits for you.

Here’s how adopting ZoomLock Braze-free system as your standard jointing method could help you:


★ Reduced hot works
★ No brazing required
★ Therefore no hazardous brazing gasses required on site
★ No fire alarm isolation’s
★ No hot works permits
★ No fire watches/cooling down period
★ Faster installations
★ Clean jointing system


Significant labour savings give you a quick return on your investment, along with saying goodbye to hassle factors associated with traditional brazing.