One Tool Three Systems


ZoomLock offers a complete press fit solution for any major AC system.


The ZoomLock tool is compatible with both Hybrid plumbing copper press Jaws, and MLC barrier pipe press jaws – One tool kit, three press systems. With a single tool you can cut down on equipment and set yourself up to install multiple different systems; putting you at the forefront of the market as Hybrid type systems start to gain traction.


The three systems ZoomLock supports are briefly explained below:


1.) Refrigeration Copper


The ZoomLock crimping jaws are available in all refrigeration copper sizes from 1/4” up to 1-3/8”. The fittings are rated for refrigerant pressures of up to 48 bar, with a maximum burst pressure of 207 bar! The ZoomLock system versus traditional brazing cuts installation times by 50% on average, with time-savings scaling up from the smaller sizes to approximately 77% on the larger sizes! Significant labour savings give you a quick return on your investment, along with saying goodbye to all the hassle factors associated with brazing.


2.) Plumbing Copper


The hex head jaws for jointing plumbing copper on the water side of a hybrid install. These are currently supplied in 15mm and 22mm to cover full hybrid specification. As with the ZoomLock system, the speed of installation is a major benefit of plumbing copper press-fit systems. There is also no need to obtain a hot works permit or carry oxy and acetylene bottles for soldering. The dramatic rise the popularity of press copper fittings has resulted in them now being the number one method for joining plumbing copper.


3.) MLC Barrier Pipe


The concentric press-fit jaw for jointing 25mm MLC barrier pipe (as an alternative to plumbing copper) for the water side of a hybrid install. MLC 5 layer barrier pipe combines the benefits of both metal and plastic pipes. The pipe consists of an aluminium pipe at its core, with an inner and outer layer of high temperature resistant polyethylene. All layers are bound together by means of an intermediate adhesive layer. A special welding technique guarantee’s maximum safety. Once again, the time saving aspect is a big benefit of the system


At Greenmill we have combined these three systems into one solution, with a mission to Create Safer And Faster Installations With Flame-Free Solutions. Contact our team today to discuss how we can support you! Remember with ZoomLock there is no big up-front investment required. Simply buy the tool and add the various jaws as and when you need them.