You won’t realise what a time-consuming process brazing is until you’ve tried this


The two systems are barely comparable for speed and ease.


Imagine if there was no time spent wet-ragging, heating up a pipe, mirror-checking, nitrogen purging, fire-watching, the list goes on and on!


Its a no-brainer. So why hasn’t everyone adopted it immediately?


We find the only real obstruction to adopting ZoomLock is TRUST. Brazing has been around for years; its tried and tested, ZoomLock is new.


This is why we encourage engineers to view demonstrations, try the tool out and even hire it for a few weeks before purchasing. Ask us for any accreditation you need to see; ZoomLock was tested for years before coming to market and there are countless documents, approvals and literature to show you why it is a fully trustworthy system.


The truth is, we sell all the equipment for both systems so money-making is not a motive to promote the ZoomLock system; we truly believe that this is the future of the AC market and we want to help you stay relevant as the market develops.


Contact us today – we’d love to discuss how we can support you with ZoomLock.