Designed specifically for AC refrigeration application

ZoomLock was designed specifically for AC refrigeration application. Its features are all suited to making the job faster and the engineer’s life easier, including:


  1. Jaw sizes go right up to 1 3/8″, with hybrid jawas also available for MLC-Pexal barrier pipe and copper.
  2. Lightweight 1.8kg tool, offering easy manoeuvrability on the job.
  3. Makita battery is fully charged in 20 minutes, so waste no time on site.
  4. 30 year o-ring life expectancy. Install to last.
  5. Head swivels 350 degrees. Crimp in tight spaces which are hard to access.
  6. Simple finger trigger to perform the 5 second crimp.


To find out more have a chat with the ZoomLock team.