You can’t teach an old dog new tricks

As the sole distributor of ZoomLock in the UK, spreading awareness has really been completely down to us here at Greenmill and we’re pleased to say that ZoomLock is going from strength to strength as more and more companies adopt the system. Even so, I was very pleased to see another company providing some free marketing in the form of blog article on VRF Wizard; a recognised industry go-to for information and inspiration!


For those of you who are a little older and are stuck in your ways, changing to a new way of doing things is usually met with resistance. Maybe you still have VHS tapes or don’t market your company on the internet. Using ZoomLock™ is changing the way the industry installs refrigerant piping, it’s just a matter of time before it becomes more prevalent.


Press-fit fittings are here to stay and are growing in market share and acceptance by engineers, contractors and municipalities. The only question now is, when will you adopt this method? It’s possible that your competition has convinced the owner that they can install the required refrigerant piping without subjecting the building to a fire hazard or the occupants to the by-products of a torch.


When the owner proposes the question to you about your familiarity with ZoomLock, and the amount of projects you have completed using the ZoomLock fitting and press-fit tool, what will your answer be? Don’t let your competition be more innovative than you. Don’t wait for the owner or General Contractor to suggest the use of ZoomLock before you offer the option. Remain an innovator who provides various solutions, instead of a company with only one tool in their toolbox.


It’s not a question about the integrity of the fitting, but about your ability to follow the required procedures to make the proper joint by following the simple installation protocol, and your company’s ability to have a QC policy in place to make sure that protocol is followed and checked regularly. The ZoomLock™ fitting works and has been tested and approved for the refrigerants listed, including the commonly used R410A in VRF systems.


The question is, are you an innovator with more than one tool in your tool box, or will the owner be given that option from your competition?’


If you’re not currently using the ZoomLock system, please get in touch so that we can arrange a demo or have a discussion about any questions or queries you have on it. We would love to support you with this great system and if you do just hate the thought of how unskilled it is compared to traditional brazing; imagine if young unskilled newbies started stealing your business just because they had a faster, more customer-friendly system!