Introducing ZoomLock

Say goodbye to hassle and fire risk factors associated with traditional brazing. No more fire risk, therefore no more hot works permits, nitrogen purging, fire wardens or cooling down time.

The ZoomLock braze-free jointing process is based on tried and trusted, unique patented concentric crimping technology, which has been specifically designed to work without brazing. Therefore eliminating the need for hot works on your projects.


ZoomLock fittings have a unique patented copper grain structure that allows the jaws to apply even pressure around the copper tube. This results in a truly leak-free joint.


We confidently guarantee ZoomLock will Increase the Quality, Productivity and Profitability of your installations!

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3 reasons to choose ZoomLock


ZoomLock is a flame-free
jointing system


No flame or gas required,
removing fire risk completely


Known as the “10 second leak-proof
refrigerant fitting”.

About Greenmill

Greenmill is one of the UK’s leading and most innovative Air Conditioning & Ventilation install materials suppliers. One major area of focus is how we can make life easier and easier for its specifiers and customers. ZoomLock does just that!

Greenmill partnered with Parker in 2015 to launch the ZoomLock braze-free system, expanding the press-fit revolution into the air conditioning market.


Since launch, over one million ZoomLock fittings have been installed in numerous live installations with excellent results.

"This is the hassle free alternative to brazing. It's clean, quick and reliable. Good job Greenmill, another great product from a great team."

"We have just finished the installation of 2 Daikin VRV IV heat recovery systems in an office in Berwick St Leonard. After going through at the design stage we decided to use Zoomlock because of the hot works aspect and I must say using the Zoomlock help us complete the job a lot quicker. It actually shaved a week off the job."

"Used ZoomLock on three sites now, initially sceptical (being old fashioned) but very impressive tool, all systems strength tested with no issues and definitely saved install time, without the usual wrangling of arranging hot works as well so very pleased with our investment and will be using ZoomLock a good deal more going forward."

"The Future of A/C pipework! Tested a crimp fitting suitable for A/C pipework on soft drawn copper 1/2" at 30 bar. Amazed at how quick it is compared to flare and brazed! Very impressed at just how easy and secure the crimp is."

ZoomLock projects

ZoomLock has been selected by many leading specifiers. They have recognised the speed and peace-of-mind the system brings; eliminating traditional brazing on site. Projects such as Baltimore Wharf, Kier Head Office, The Hoover Building, The Connaught Hotel, Selfridges, BUPA and Bluewater Shopping Centre.

Baltimore Wharf
Connaught Hotel
Canary Wharf
Bluewater shopping centre
Business building in Canary Wharf